How to Join

The following criteria must be met for new membership into LORT: 

  • The theatre must be incorporated as a non-profit I.R.S.-approved organization
  • Each self-produced production must be rehearsed for a minimum of three weeks
  • The theatre must have a playing season of twelve weeks or more
  • The theatre will operate under the LORT-AEA, LORT-SDC, and LORT-USA contracts

Applications for membership must be approved by the LORT Board of Directors. All applicants for membership shall individually subscribe to and shall be bound by LORT's By-Laws and any collective bargaining agreements between LORT and any union representing employees of the applicant. Applications for membership must be executed by the chief executive officer of the applicant resident theatre authorized to act on behalf of such applicant. The LORT Board of Directors shall determine whether an applicant shall qualify for membership.  

For more information on joining LORT, contact

The cast of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, directed by Ethan McSweeny. Photo by Scott Suchman.