LORT Ambassador Panels

The League of Resident Theatres (LORT) is committed to increasing gender, racial and ethnic diversity amongst the staffs and executive leadership of its member theatres.  LORT has identified active recruitment of new talent as an important step to ensure that its theatres continue to attract talented candidates from the next generation of artists, administrators, artisans and technicians.  This focus on inclusion is imperative to attracting a generation of arts professionals that represent the gender, racial and ethnic diversity of this country.  

To that end, LORT has established the LORT Ambassador Panels to actively inform, engage and recruit high school, undergraduate and graduate students, with a particular emphasis on women of all races and men of color, to career opportunities in LORT theaters.  We invite anyone to attend the panel featuring a diverse group of senior leaders from LORT institutions from all over the country.  The LORT Ambassador Panels focus on topics including career opportunities in all areas of theater administration, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and professional development.

 LORT Ambassador Panels are typically hosted during major LORT and TCG conferences held nationally.  For more information, please complete the form on our contact page